My goal in life is to never stop learning because I believe that expanding my knowledge every day will lead to a life of success. A great place to start learning is learning about yourself.

Before starting this collection, I took a StrengthQuest quiz to determine what my top five strengths are. I decided to focus on one of my favorite personal strengths, Activation. It is one thing to make a goal, but an activator wastes little time moving forward and works diligently to turn key ideas into reality. Boats sailing across the ocean were my main inspiration for this line because of the skill, strength, and endless opportunities they represent. Sailboats take a special set of skills to sail, the ocean offers strong waves to push anything forward, and sailboats crossing the ocean encourage the possibility of new discoveries.

This collection features clean, simplistic lines mixed with interesting collars and geometric shapes to represent a confident, strong, and activating woman.


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