S  C  H  Y  L  E  R    S  L  A  V  E  N

About Me

Hello and thank you for visiting my website! I was one of the lucky ones and found my passion at a young age through the exploration of different art forms, modeling, and sewing.  After deciding that I wanted to be part of the thrilling fashion industry, I pursued a Bachelor of Science in Apparel and Textiles with a specialization in design and production from Kansas State University. Throughout my education, I found that I enjoy both the creative and technical parts of the design process, and decided to pursue both in my career. Currently, I am a Pattern Designer at Lee Jeans and Lead Designer for my personal development brand, Schyline.

For Schyline, I specialize in men’s and women’s lounge/resort wear and get a majority of my inspiration from my experiences abroad. I believe that everyone has unique strengths and perspectives that provide an indefinable world of learning which makes fashion – and life – much more exciting. My designs are meant to inspire men and women to adopt a positive mindset and be activators for life.

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